The lovable Ely was in town recently as a Guest Cosplayer for CharaExpo 2017. It was her third time back in Singapore and the crowd she drew during both days once again proved how popular and talented she is! For the event, Ely cosplayed her recent – Tamamo-no-ma (Seifuku Ver.) – on Saturday as well as crowd favourite – Shibuya Rin – on Sunday!

Fate Extella – Tamamo-no-mae (Seifuku ver.) (Left)/THE [email protected]: Cinderella Girls – Shibuya Rin (Right) Photo by J-Experience

We at J-Experience was fortunate to get a short interview with her during her busy schedule, so without further ado, enjoy!


Q1) Which is your favourite Sinon cosplay?

I really like two of the designs so much so that I can’t compare between both! The first would be the Sinon from GGO, where she wields the gun! Her nekomimi (cat ears) designs are also very cute too – I especially liked the bow-wielding Sinon with her big bow and armor (from Code Register – a mobile game)! It just looks really cool! When i first saw it, I thought to myself, “Woah! This really feels like Sinon.” These two are definitely my favourites!

I actually like them all! I really, really like her but the official designers always give the nicer costumes to Asuna or the other female characters so it’s really hard for Sinon to get good outfits! (laughs sadly) It feels like they aren’t really focusing on her!

Sinon – GGO Ver. (Left)/孤高の弦音Code Register Ver. (Right)

Q2)Will you be cosplaying Sinon from the movie – Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale?

I was considering it but I don’t think cosplaying the movie version will look very good! However, I really like the fact that she was wearing glasses too so I can’t help but feel conflicted about her movie design. If I have more time, I might cosplay it!

Q3) Which cosplay do you think is the most challenging so far?

The most challenging cosplay I did would be Dizzy from Guilty Gear – her armour and clothing design is very unique and is rather different from normal clothing size, so it’s challenging in that sense.

Note: Ely makes most of her own cosplay materials, therefore, the costume plays quite an important role in the challenge factor.

Guilty Gear XX – Dizzy

Q4) How do you maintain a healthy figure for cosplaying?

It’s very important to sleep more, drink water and do some exercise! Even though I actually don’t do much exercise (laughs) but yes, sleeping and drinking water is the most important. Also, try to eat a lot in the morning and not too much at night, especially before bedtime.

Her words of encouragement? “You must endure if you want to keep in shape!” (laughs)

Q5) Do you have more original cosplay planned out for the future?

Yes, there are currently more plans for original cosplay. I have actually designed two characters for the steampunk cosplay – one of which is the Gunner Girl – so there will be a new cosplay this time!

For the Tsuno Syoujo Cosplay, there will also be a new style for it! I plan to continue this original cosplay series of mine for quite some time, so please keep an eye out for it!

Steampunk Girl – Gunner (Left)/Tsuno Syoujo – Hitsu (Right)

Q6) What cosplay do you have planned for the future?

I can’t tell you that series name, but it’s from a game and I’ll cosplay three of its characters! I will also do one more original cosplay. I will try to do all the cosplay by the end of 2017!

Tsuno Syoujo – SUI Witch Ver.

Q7) Do you have more plans to produce limited edition goods – such as the wall scroll and watch – for fans who pre-orders your photo books/merchandise?

Whenever I release a new product, I would always want to prepare something special for the fans that pre-order. For my upcoming project, I can’t confirm it yet but there will be a lot of different items for future releases! However, I still have not decided yet as we will need to see if the goods can actually match the series.

An example of ideas in the works would be a T-shirt or probably something useful again (like the watch)!

Q8) What is your art style and is there anything that your fans can look forward to?

Well, I would say my art style would be very detailed as I used to draw for a card game. Now, since I create my own original cosplay, I will also draw the characters too. Actually, I really wish to go back to drawing as I feel that I have spent too much time on cosplay! (laughs) In the future, if there is a chance, it would be great if I could compile my art together into a book!

An Example of her is seen below (taken from her Facebook Page):

Ely’s Painting

Q9) Since the start of the year, you have posted a weekly Twin-tails post on your Facebook. Where do you get the inspiration to post the weekly series?

The inspiration is actually from Getsuyobi no Tawawa! I felt that if I have a theme every week, it will help to remind my fans and I that it is a new week and that feeling of a new start is really good. It’s like reminding yourself that a new week is coming and to look forward to the new week as you assess the one before. The reason why I chose twin-tails as the main theme is because I’m an Otaku as well, and I really like the twin tail design! Since Tuesday represents two, I just thought it fits, hence, I decided that there will be Twin-tails every Tuesday!

The main objective is also to remind and keep myself focused on reaching my goals as the weeks pass, and at the same time, provide some energy for the fans!

Week 37 Of Ely’s Twintails Tuesday

Q10) Did you have any plans for other styles beside twin tail?

– I did think about it, however, it seems that Twin-tail Tuesday will be staying on for some time. Actually, there are plenty of people that told me they like ponytail too so maybe after some time, there might be new series to the weekly post.

Q11) Having attended cosplay conventions in both Germany and the U.S., do you have any unique experiences to share?

Yes, Germany and America’s cosplay is very different from that of Asia. For Germany, it’s really fun and they have various styles of cosplay – be it Western or Japanese. However, their Japanese cosplay are all from the older series. They don’t really cosplay characters from the new and trending anime series; majority of which is from the older series such as Dragonball Z –  so it’s very nostalgic.

Ely during her trip to Germany!

For America, it’s pretty much the same. However, as they are really into Overwatch and look similar to most of the characters, there is a lot more of such cosplay of it there! (laughs) They also love to cosplay characters from Cartoon Network so it’s really interesting. One thing about American Cosplay is that they tend to focus more on how to make the cosplay outfits more interesting, rather than making it look exactly the same as the character. The cosplayers are also super friendly and it’s really fun and enjoyable talking to them as they tend to follow the news in Asia.

Q12) As you have been to Singapore before, what is your opinion of Singapore and is there anything you would like to do here?

In Singapore, I love to shop in the malls as they have brands from all over the world; it is also really big and there is nice air-conditioning too, so it feels really good! I also love the food here and the unique local taste and seasoning, which tastes a little different from Malaysian food even though both countries are so close to each other! Since my first time in Singapore, I have tried numerous stalls selling Hainanese Chicken Rice and I love them all! (laughs)

I also heard that there’s a very renowned zoo in Singapore but even though I’ve been here three times, I still have not gotten the chance to visit. I won’t be able to visit it again this time due to my tight schedule, so I will probably visit it the next time, and I am really looking forward to it!

Q13) Which cuisine do you think is nicer – Taiwanese or Singaporean?

It’s really hard to compare as since I from Taiwan, I would naturally find my own food to be decent only, whereas I tend to always like the food I eat overseas. This is because when I am in Taiwan, I would not specially go out of the way to eat the famous Taiwanese snacks but when I’m overseas, I tend to always try their local delicacies! (laughs) Furthermore, I usually cook my own meals back at home so it’s healthier too.

Q14) Is there anything this CharaExpo that intrigues you?

I am really intrigued by the number of people playing card games outside but I don’t really know what they are playing! It looks really fun and the place took up a huge space so I want to know more about it. If I have time later, I’ll definitely take a look.

The CharaExpo staff also treats us guests really well so it feels really nice!

Ely, the sweet and charming cosplayer from Taiwan, came to Singapore for the first time as an invited guest cosplayer for AFASG2015. She first rose to fame in the cosplay scene with her accurate and beautiful portrayal of characters – most notably Sakuya from Touhou. Never the one to rest on her laurels, Ely continued to dazzle fans with a variety of anime characters – such as Asuna from Sword Art Online (SAO) and Nozomi from Love Live, with her cosplay steadily improving throughout the years!

However, the one character that truly defines her cosplay is none other than Sinon. Her dedication and love to the character can be seen by how many version of Sinon/Shino she has cosplayed over the years, we each one looking stellar and breathtaking! Furthermore, Ely also creates and cosplay plenty of her own original characters!

Having many fan-signing sessions as well as sending out greeting cards to her fans all around the world, Ely is truly hardworking and inspirational! We at J-Experience really hope to see you again in Singapore soon!

Ely signing autographs for her fans during CharaExpo 2017!
Photo by J-Experience





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Ely Illustration autographed:

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